Muquans is a French SME specialized in the field of high precision instruments based on quantum manipulation of laser-cooled atoms. It is a spin-off of two academic laboratories (LP2N, UMR 5298 CNRS – Institut d’Optique – Université de Bordeaux and SYRTE, UMR 8630 CNRS – Observatoire de Paris – Université Pierre et Marie Curie) and benefits from a technology transfer from these two laboratories for the development of its products.

Muquans proposes a complete product portfolio composed of:
- An absolute quantum gravimeter capable of measuring gravity with a sensitivity close to 10-9 g, dedicated to various geophysics applications, as well as a differential gravimeter also capable of providing the gravity gradient.
- An atomic clock, which provides a time reference signal offering relative stability and accuracy close to 10-15 and dedicated to time metrology applications.
- integrated and fully autonomous laser systems dedicated to laser cooling, trapping and quantum manipulation of cold atoms.

Muquans has a strong interest for the development of Quantum Technologies in space, and is working on the development of qualified technological solutions adapted to sensing and time and frequency applications.

Reference person: 
Bruno Desruelle
Chief Executive Officer