Quantum Photonics Technologies in Space

Monday, October 8, 2018 to Friday, October 12, 2018
Bern (Switzerland)

Going to space is the natural extension to experiments involving the distribution of quantum states of light. Not only the range of quantum communication can be extended over intercontinental scales, but also entanglement can be tested in conditions inaccessible on the ground. The development of such experiments could greatly benefit from the recent advances in classical photonics technologies for space. Conversely, the latest developments of quantum technologies could improve classical methods. The goal of the conference is to cover a wide range of topics related to the transmission of quantum and classical light in space, to bring together those various communities and to identify overlaps not only from a technological side but also from a theoretical perspective.
For inquiries please contact: andre.stefanov@iap.unibe.ch


André Stefanov, Bänz Bessire, Mauro Paternostro