Vitrociset Belgium

Vitrociset Belgium, 100% owned by Leonardo Group since January 2019, has been active in the space domain for 30 years collaborating with Space Agencies and Satellite Operators. The company is present in Belgium at ESA Redu since 1982.
The company operates in:
• Added value services
• GNSS infrastructure
• Ground data systems
• Space operations, system's engineering & consulting
In the field of satellite navigation, VTCB is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the first level of the 16 Galileo Remote Sites under the GSOP contract, and main contributor to Galileo 2nd Generation System Engineering activities with ESA.
The company currently manages the ground infrastructure of Redu and is active in the field of cybersecurity for space contributing to the ESA Cybersecurity Training Range at ESEC in Redu, Belgium.
As a company always looking at innovation and cutting-edge technologies, we recognize the impact of quantum evolution in the space domain and in our applications, and we are looking with interests at its development for what concerns secure communications by means of quantum optical terminals and quantum cryptography.

Reference person: 
Dr. Nicola De Quattro
Head of Engineering and Innovation