S4 - Smart Small Satellite Systems GmbH

S4 - Smart Small Satellite Systems GmbH is a SME, addressing the manufacturing and commercialisation of innovative high performance components for small satellites as well as the implementation of complete pico-satellite formations (www.s4-space.com/). Its reference missions in the application fields telecommunications and Earth observation include NetSat, Qube, CloudCT and Internet of Space. Here, in particular QUBE addresses in orbit demonstration of key technologies for Quantum key generation and distribution. Future small satellite formations could offer continuous, cost-efficient, worldwide QKD services.

S4 operates a test environment with high-precision turntables for realistic simulation of the satellites’ in-orbit dynamics, in particular also for small satellite formations. Its UNISEC Development Kit and Starter Kit is a globally distributed product for a flexible and modular satellite development. S4 uses modern laboratories hosting advanced equipment for design, implementation and test of micro-electronic components. S4  plans significant growth in the quickly developing “new space” market.

Reference person: 
Prof. Dr. Klaus Schilling