Cold Atoms and Atomic Clocks in Space

Monday, May 4, 2020 to Tuesday, May 19, 2020

"Cold Atoms and Atomic Clocks in Space" is a series of three open round tables on applications, proof-of-principle experiments and implementations of cold atoms and atomic clocks in space. We encourage early career investigators to participate. The discussions will cover:

04-05-2020, at 10.00 CET: Cold atom interferometry, chair Waldemar Herr (Leibniz University Hannover)

11-05-2020, at 10.00 CET: Atomic Clock experiments, chair Lisa Wörner (University of Bremen)

19-05-2020, at 10.00 CET: Commercialization of cold atoms and atomic clocks, chair Stephan T. Seidel (Airbus Defence and Space GmbH)

The meetings will take place on MS Teams upon registration. Registrations are currently closed.


Alessio Belenchia (Queen's University Belfast - UK), Matteo Carlesso (University of Trieste - Italy)