Large-mass quantum experiments in Space

Friday, November 6, 2020 to Tuesday, February 23, 2021

"Large-mass experiments in Space" is a series of three open round tables on applications, proof-of-principle experiments and implementations involving quantum experiments with large-masses in space. We encourage early career investigators to participate. The discussions will cover:

06-11-2020, at 10.00 CET: Quantum sensing for space applications, chair Ying Lia Li (University College London)

20-01-2021, at 10.00 CET: Challenges of moving optomechanics in space, chair Markus Rademacher (University College London)

23-02-2021, at 10.00 CET: MAQRO: massive superpositions in space, chair Rainer Kaltenbaek (University of Ljubljana)

The meetings will take place on MS Teams upon registration. Registrations are currently closed.


Alessio Belenchia (Queen's University Belfast - UK), Matteo Carlesso (University of Trieste - Italy)