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Eventech specialize in Picosecond Precision Time Measurements Technology and Applications.

Eventech specialize in Picosecond Precision Time Measurements Technology and Applications. Core competence lies in applying specific digital signal processing algorithms to highly accurate and environmentally resistant time-tagging of parametrically important events of physical processes., the commercial Unit of Eventech, covers about 50% of the world market of Timers for Satellite laser ranging systems (SLR) while the sister company, focusses on ultra-accurate time tagging and synchronization for Space.
Among the services offered, based on proprietary event timing technology, noteworthy mentioning are custom solutions for single-photon-time-tagging detection, acquisition and processing, ultra-accurate (psec) Space-to-Ground time transfer, as well as other custom solutions for other Single-photon applications. For QT, Eventech can offer, by means of Photon Coincidence Correlation & Counting, the capability to measure absolute signal arrival times on several discrete channels in parallel. Single Photon systems for application in: QKD, QDS,QE,QT, QIP, …can be customized for specific applications.
Eventech has access to a wide network of research Centres in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, as well as European Universities. Eventech is already working in several Domains of TCSPC technologies and applications (Gravimetry, Interferometry, Imaging and Lidars, Fiber Time-Transfer & OTDR) and is working towards widening the R&D and Applications Portfolio with European partners at Universities, SME’s and Research centers. Additionally, In Q1 2019 Eventech has finalized ESA project for full technology transfer of timing module to the space grade. Currently company has 2 ongoing ESA projects:
1. ESA Satellite Laser Ranging station (Digos Main contractor, Eventech sub-contractor)
2. Feasibility Study – Miniaturization of timing module by developing ASIC (Eventech main contractor, SystematIC sub-contractor)

Reference person:
Dr. Ing. Errico Armandillo
Eventech LLC, Technical Board